The Walls Are Closing In

Currently in production with reader-driven

publisher Inkshares, and expected to hit

shelves in mid-2018

 The year is 2090… History and geography are classified, cultural expression is considered treason, as is any attempt to find out the truth regarding the world at large, past or present. Anyone who fails to toe the line finds themselves on the receiving end of Law Enforcement’s directed energy weapons. Those who escape summary execution are drafted into the military, an organization whose activities beyond the border are unknown to everyday citizens.

While on a routine assignment scouting the viability of dwindling natural resources outside the massive urban centers most citizens call home, Patricia and her co-worker Rexx discover a relic from the past containing dangerous contraband—unedited books from before The Seclusion. These texts will spark an unquenchable thirst for the truth and start Patricia off on a self-destructive journey of discovery. The true history of her family and her country will begin to unfold, and Patricia will be forced to determine the lengths to which she will go to spread the truth to the masses.